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In August 2015, Synthorx announced that we made the first full-length proteins incorporating multiple novel amino acids using our expanded genetic alphabet technology (read the press release here). Popular Science took a look at how E. coli bacteria can use Synthorx’s synthetic DNA bases, X and Y, to incorporate multiple synthetic amino acids into full-length proteins. Synthorx used this technology to add a new function to an existing well-studied protein, but it could also be used to make novel protein therapeutics.

Court Turner, Synthorx’s CEO, said, “By advancing our technology to this stage, we are now poised to produce proteins containing multiple novel amino acids, to fill our drug discovery pipeline as well as enable our partners in many aspects of drug development and manufacturing.”

A feature article in U-T San Diego discussed how Synthorx’s drug development platform can be used to change the properties of new and existing drugs.  These properties could affect how tightly drugs bind to their targets and their duration of action. Read more: