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In July 2016, Synthorx announced the completion of a $10 million Series B financing, led by RA Capital Management and joined by Series A investors Avalon Ventures and Correlation Ventures.  (read the press release here).

John Carroll’s new biotech blog, Endpoints News, explored our big (and some small, near-term) R&D goals for creating improved protein therapeutics.

Court Turner, Synthorx’s CEO, said, “Clearly, this (technology) can be applied to monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates and so on,” Turner said. “We’ve already started an internal non-opioid pain program, and we have a long list of metabolic disease targets that we’ll be interrogating once we start hiring the rest of the team.”

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Xconomy says:

The groundbreaking potential of Synthorx’s technology is the ability to insert synthetic DNA in bacteria and efficiently produce proteins with multiple synthetic amino acids at low cost and at sufficient scale for drug discovery and development.

“We are the only company where you can add synthetic amino acids to any size protein or peptide and produce it at scale,” Turner said.

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