From DNA to protein, Synthorx has established a robust, one-of-a-kind synthetic biology platform to produce a large variety of protein therapeutics containing multiple non-natural amino acids and the capacity to efficiently produce these molecules at scale.

Synthorx has developed both in vitro and in vivo scalable platforms for producing proteins that can’t be made through traditional methods. The Synthorx platform has the advantage of transforming small- to medium-sized targeted peptide libraries for SAR/optimization as well as pre-clinical scale-up of hit molecules. For drug discovery and development, our platform has the capacity to modify and produce:

  1. Small to mid-size polypeptides and macrocycles, including peptide and protein products that can be synthesized using standard chemical peptide synthesis (challenging to fold), typically from ~30-100aa, and
  2. Large biologics, including various antibodies, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and enzymes. There is currently no other platform available for production of this class of molecules with multiple non-natural amino acids.

Because we use the same methods for for initial discovery and subsequent scale-up, we can efficiently produce protein libraries in a scalable, cost-efficient manner.

Learn more about our protein therapeutic programs for a variety of highly unnatural polypeptides.