The unique ability of the Synthorx platform to incorporate multiple non-natural amino acids offers the potential to study, alter, and improve upon the activity and function of many diverse peptides and proteins – and to produce them at-scale.

We see large opportunities to apply our platform and knowledge to make important, novel medicines that can solve unsolvable biology and treat untreatable diseases.

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Infectious Disease, Metabolic Disease, Pain, Inflammation, Oncology

Autoimmune Disease, Inflammation, Oncology


Cystine knot peptides, anti-microbial peptides, dual target agonists

Multi-specific antibodies, antibody fragments and drug conjugates, therapeutic enzymes

Synthorx Advantage

Cost-efficient to synthesize libraries (e.g. macrocycles) and to scale-up difficult proteins (e.g. cystine knots)

We stand alone in our ability to site-specifically incorporate multiple nnAAs

Synthorx Molecules

Unnatural diversity, Cyclization, Novel Chemistries, Half-life Extension, Proteolytic Stability, Recombinant Expression, Production at LARGE SCALE, Cost-effective Libraries for SAR