A paradigm shift in biology that can advance all industries

Synthetic bases can be added to DNA and replicated in vitro, but the real breakthrough and paradigm shift in biology is the ability of a single-cell organism to replicate and maintain the synthetic bases. The in vivo replication of X and Y by a semi-synthetic organism is an unprecedented opportunity to break through technical barriers and create novel proteins for new therapeutics.

Incorporating multiple non-natural amino acids, at scale

The Synthorx platform provides an exclusive opportunity to incorporate multiple non-natural amino acids into large proteins at scale. Our platform operates outside of the natural coding framework of the organism, so it is not necessary to alter the coding structure of the host organism’s genome or re-appropriate existing codons. This orthogonal code provides access to significantly more genetic information storage capacity, which allows incorporation of multiple different non-natural amino acids encoded via many new codons without massive genome rewriting and interference between the natural and Synthorx systems.

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Two new DNA bases, numerous solutions

With Synthorx’s synthetic biology technology, we have many opportunities to create innovative new products for medical and life science applications.

Synthetic Base Pair

Expanded Genetic Alphabet

More Diverse Proteins

High Fidelity Replication

In Vivo Transcription

In Vivo Translation

Antisense, Aptamers, Beacons, Conjugation, DNA/RNA Sequencing, Gene Therapy, Nanomaterials, Oligios, Pathogen Diagnostics, Stapled DNA, SELEX, Vaccines

Aptamers, Conjugation, Diversity, Gene-expression Studies, Evolution, Labeling, Micro-RNA, RNA Trafficking, RNAi, Stapled RNA, Substitution

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), Antimicrobials, Assays, Bi-cyclics, Biomarkers, BITE, Conjugation, Evolution, Libraries, Macrocycles, Specificity, Stapled Peptides, Protein Evolution, “Undruggable” Targets, Unnatural Amino Acids