Company Summary

Synthorx Inc. is a biotechnology company using synthetic biology to discover and develop novel therapeutics. Natural peptides and proteins are limited in their therapeutic potential. Synthorx has advanced a revolutionary technology that expands the genetic alphabet (A, T, G, C, and X, Y). Synthorx’s platform has the unique ability to drive the site-specific incorporation of multiple non-natural amino acids into proteins of any size, from small peptides to large biologics, and to manufacture these improved proteins at scale. This technology enables the design of biotherapeutics with useful chemical functionality and opens up the opportunity to make novel protein therapeutics to previously undruggable targets.

Synthorx’s platform also can expand the chemical and structural repertoire of protein therapeutics and find new ways to modulate pharmacological properties of biologics, not possible previously with existing technologies. Synthorx is applying this combinatorial synergy of non-natural protein modifications both internally and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies toward the design and discovery of first-in-class drugs for a variety of therapeutic areas.

The company was founded by Avalon Ventures based on important discoveries in Dr. Floyd Romesberg’s lab at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif. These discoveries include research published by the Romesberg lab in Nature, describing the first example of in vivo replication of a synthetic DNA base pair (read more here). Synthorx has the exclusive rights to this synthetic biology technology from The Scripps Research Institute and has received an undisclosed investment from Avalon Ventures and Correlation Ventures.

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